Playground for creative people.

Our Creative Art industries, which are also known as cultural industries, relate to a variety of economic enterprises that involve the production, the creation, and the distribution of knowledge, information, services, and goods that are of some cultural value.

Advertising, design, film, publishing, fashion, and architecture are only some of the notable creative industries.

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We are Ghana’s leading professional content and service provider. Check out some of our amazing Designs, Websites, 3D Logo Videos, Sound Effects. Looking for specialist in photo retouching. Our service fees are most competitive; yet we adhere to high quality standards.


Photography & Cinematography

Our in-house photography and videography services team made up of professional photographers, creative directors and cinematographers to add value to your website with high-resolution photos and videos in for your portraits, personal, family and  corporate events, product and commercial shoots. 

Digital streaming service

We break down the best video streaming services for your money, whether you’re looking to showcase entertainment, corporate religious or sports event.
We offer an impressive library of high-quality shows and events

Branding, Broadcasting & Advertisement

We help you to promote your business. We use our tools and expertise to design and build concepts and help you execute them  

Training, Scouting, Casting AND Talent Management

With our award winning creative directors and trainers, we offer you nothing but the best training in this industry. We offer both regular and schedules classes and also routine workshops for people who want to learn.

E-Commerce Setups, CONTENT Distribution on Digital Stores

We create, setup and manage accounts, payments gateways and streaming channels for business and individuals, musicians, content developers etc. Some accounts we work on includes Amazon, Vevo, iTunes, Paypal, Spotify, Boomplay, GooglePlay etc.

online account setups and management

We ensure you have an online presence. This can be website, social media channels and platforms. We setup and manage accounts for individuals and Institutions. 

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